Nothing To Do With Me

by Woolly Man

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bedroom recrording


released March 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Woolly Man San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Part I
Wind whistles through the crack of my window out of tune and no apparent time
While I'm dreaming of a girl beneath a willow tree who's wrapped her legs around me as she's crawling up the vines.

Up-slope mountain streams flowing heavier than they've ever been.
From way up in the canopy: "I'm much too high to mind,
Let the water level rise."

Way out beyond an ocean, this nuclear commotion has nothing to do with me
While I'm soaking up a whole lot of what I hope is not
An eastern storm cloud downpouring acid rain.

Lead pipes rattle in the walls. Toxic dust cloud gently falls.
From way up in the canopy: "There's nothing left to see.
Wasn't this a beautiful city? Once upon a time?"

There's no way not to breathe it in. It's in the dust and in the pollen.
If you're waking up with the same headache it must be because
We suffer the same mutation.
Track Name: Part II
It might not be the rarest thing that you've ever seen
But it's mighty strange.

A road that runs away from home, a mile wide,
It'll take some time to walk both sides.

Mom would rather you walked right back home
And I'm sure she'd rather you locked up the doors.
They say, "This town aint never seen such a storm"
And I'm bound to see what aint never been seen before.

Late last night... a flashing light as rolling thunder takes its time.

West: I see an ocean sunset red as blood and so incredibly bright against a cosmic tempest that's breaking through and pulling down the sky.

There's no point to anything we say tonight so please just sit in silence and pay no mind. It feels like all we get is bad advice this days, so don't waste your time. There's no surprise when we notice there's more than one sign we're losing hope. There's this rich cat trying to buy back his soul while the Alchemist is giving away his gold... there's blood in the sand... there's war in the holy land... there's broken glass of at the place --
Where once the towers stand there'll be flesh in the fire as there's oil in the tide... there'll be termites in the bones of everyone left alive, so don't waste my time.
Don't waste my time.
Don't waste my time.
Don't waste my time.